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Registration and Tuition


Registration Fee of $50 is due at the time of initial registration. 

The students who are enrolled in weekly or biweekly (2x/week) classes reserve a spot in class. Tuition must be paid in full regardless of missed classes.  As a courtesy to our students, classes missed can be made up

A late fee of $45 is charged for all tuition paid after the first week of the session. If checks are returned to us from the bank, there will be a $45 charge to cover fees incurred by the bank.

New students registering after the start of a session will have their tuition prorated.

Absences, Tardies, Make-ups, and Pick-ups


To be eligible for a makeup class, a student must be enrolled and currently taking art classes. A student or a parent must notify Art Scōl at least 24 hours in advance of being absent for their scheduled class. All absences with less than 24 hour notice will be counted as attendances. 

Students may make up classes by coming to the same class that meets on another day. Students must be enrolled to make up a class. Make-up classes must be taken within 30 days of the missed class. Please consult with the office to schedule your make-up classes.


In order to pause your session or cancel classes the office needs a 30 day notice, otherwise you will be charged tuition for the upcoming month.          

Students who are tardy for class will not be able to make up the missed time after the class has ended. Please do your best to have your students to class on time. 

We ask that you please be on time when picking up your child from class for their safety. Art Scōl is not responsible for supervision of your child once their scheduled class has ended.


The students are provided with all materials, but are required to either bring from home or purchase a few items from Art Scōl. 

The Art Kit can be purchased at the front desk for $50. 

  • 2 sets of Acrylic Brushes: titanium and synthetic 

  • Pen and Ink Set 

  • Kneaded Eraser 

  • Drawing Board 

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