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Art 2D Media

This is a 2 hr. long class that allows an open ended experimentation with variety of 2D media: pencil drawing, charcoal, pen and ink, ink painting, color pencil, watercolor and gouache, oil and chalk pastels, acrylic painting, etc.

The Art Scōl instructors celebrate individuality and work with each student to develop his or her artistic expression. The students develop their  own project and ideas - we do not work on group projects. 

Our approach with middle and high school students is three-fold: 

• We encourage open-ended curiosity, experimentation, and exploration of ideas and mediums; 

• We develop students’ technical abilities; and

• We work with students to create a personal language of expression. 

 We do this through both assigned projects and self-directed exploration of ideas and mediums. 

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About This Class

Duration: 16 weeks

Dates: August 21, 2023 (Mon) - December 11, 2023 (Mon)

No classes November 20-26

Tuesdays 4:00pm - 6:00pm

Address: 3211 Holiday Court, suite 202, La Jolla, CA, USA

Sessions can be purchased on 4 monthly payments of $180/month + processing fee ($720 total) 

or 1 payment of $650 + processing fee for Full Session

Waiver Form

Waiver form must be filled out before attending the camp

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